White Rose Campion Seeds

White Rose Campion Seeds. To collect the seeds to save, cut off the pods. Rose campion has long, silver stems.

Rose Campion White – Kahikatea Farm Certified Organic Nursery And Permaculture Farm
Rose Campion White – Kahikatea Farm Certified Organic Nursery And Permaculture Farm from kahikateafarm.co.nz

Cut the stems and discard. Prepare the outdoor bed early. Lychnis coronaria ‘alba’ bears striking white flowers, which contrast beautifully with more brightly coloured perennials.

As You Can See There Was A Bit Of Overnight Rain But The Day Is Shaping Up To Be Really Warm And Sunny Again.

Rose campion prefers poor, dry soil over rich soil, and tolerates alkaline or calcareous soil. Therefore, give the plant supplemental water only, especially in drought conditions. And place them in a paper envelope.

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Prepare The Outdoor Bed Early.

You can see a simple explanation of stratification on overcoming dormancy. Start rose champion seeds outdoors in autumn in areas with a cool, mild winters. Seed pods are dry, shriveled and ready to harvest.

Rose Campion Has Long, Silver Stems.

Cut the stems at the base, just above. The seeds need a chilling period before they will germinate. Cover the seeds with fine grit or compost to approximately their own depth.

This Means They Will Rapidly Spread Out In Any Garden Or Area.

Pink/white colors available from suppliers. Barely cover the seeds with soil. More success from the famous beth chatto garden seeds.

After Flowering, Numerous Capsule Fruits Containing Seeds Form.

Cut the stems and discard. If you would like to avoid this, you need to prune the plants in order to avoid them from releasing their seeds. It is a hardy and adaptable species commonly found on waste ground and roadside verges.

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