Silene Plants

Silene Plants. It’s easy to grow and tolerant of most soils, but can struggle in acidic conditions. A single plant can produce up to 100 showy flowers.

Catchfly Perennials - How To Care For A Sweet William Catchfly Plant
Catchfly Perennials – How To Care For A Sweet William Catchfly Plant from

We planted it in landscape fabric twelve inches apart. Latifolia) are common wildflowers throughout europe and elsewhere. It’s ideal for growing in containers and rock gardens, and also in gravel gardens.

It’s Ideal For Growing In Containers And Rock Gardens, And Also In Gravel Gardens.

Use our water calculator to personalize watering recommendations to your environment or download greg for more advanced recommendations for all of your plants. Dioica) and white campion (s. Blooming for months from late spring to late summer, lax sprays of white flowers, 1 in.

Latifolia) Are Common Wildflowers Throughout Europe And Elsewhere.

425 rows the plant list includes 1,860 scientific plant names of species rank for the genus silene. Practical plants this is an archived copy of this article, recovered after a server failure in january 2022. Silene is a widespread genus of perennials native from africa to america and from mediterranean europe to asia.

A Genus Of 100 Species Of Annual, Biennial And Herbaceous Perennials Of The Northern Hemisphere And South Africa, Having A Wide Range Of Color Through White, Pink And Red To Purple.

Arctotis acaulis 'harlequin mixed' (south african daisy) 3,00 € ceratotheca triloba 'alba'. Cucubalus venosus (gilib.) silene vulgaris flowers. Containing nearly 900 species, it is the largest genus in the family.

You’ve Probably Walked By This Prominent Flowering Plant Tons Of Times And Never Knew What It Was!.

This incredible event, which happened in 2012, is still having a dramatic event on the scientific. By jessica stewart on july 2, 2020. The genus silene is absolutely enormous.

Common Names Include Campion (Shared With The Related Genus Lychnis) And Catchfly.

It is the largest genus in the caryophyllaceae botanical family with over 900 species of annuals, biennials, and perennials. Of these 424 are accepted species names. Silene plants are inconspicuous wildflowers that have been brought into cultivation.

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