Royal Catchfly

Royal Catchfly. Zoom the image with the mouse. Royal catchfly is a perennial flower native to middle america, centered around the ozark region of missouri and arkansas.

Royal Catchfly - Silene Regia | Prairie Nursery
Royal Catchfly – Silene Regia | Prairie Nursery from

It is a 0.11 acre(s) lot, 1,565 sqft, 3 beds, 2 full bath(s) in katy. The stems are covered with fine white hairs, as are the leaves, on both the upper and lower sides. This rare native species found only in a few areas of the midwest is a must for brightening the late summer garden.

Bright Red Flowers Are Borne In Clusters In Summer Near The Tips Of Long Stems, Each One Advertising A Long, Tubular Calyx.

Silene regia is a species of flowering plant in the family caryophyllaceae known by the common name royal catchfly. Erect, unbranched perennial plants topped with open clusters of bright red flowers. 19326 merritt road, fountain florida.

This Species Tolerates Drought And Clay Soil But Prefers Sandy Or Gravelly Soil.

The flowers are similar to those of silene virginica. Sticky calyx can trap or catch small insects, hence the common name. This rare native species found only in a few areas of the midwest is a must for brightening the late summer garden.

A Perennial Herb, It Grows From A Fleshy Taproot And Has Several Erect Stems Growing Up To 1.6 Meters Tall.

Noteworthy characteristics royal catchfly can be grown in mixed herbaceous borders, gravel gardens, or wild gardens. We love this unique red flower in our gardens! The sticky flowers trap small insects, giving the plant its common name.

Royal Catchfly Is Rare Due To Loss Of Prairie Habitat And Is Endangered In Some States But Is Relatively Easy To Grow.

Blooming for approximately one month in summer, the dark red blooms stand out and will attract large butterflies and. Flowers with 5 petals, each entire or finely toothed at the tip but rarely notched and never lobed; Rarely used in seeding mixes, even restoration projects, as the seed is extremely small and expensive.

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It Is A 0.11 Acre(S) Lot, 1,565 Sqft, 3 Beds, 2 Full Bath(S) In Katy.

Royal catchfly (silene regia) is a native wildflower which occurs in dry, rocky soils in open woods, wood margins and prairies. Seeds (scale is in 1/16 inch increments) Regia is taller with pointed or slightly.

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