Nottingham Catchfly Seeds

Nottingham Catchfly Seeds. Grown for their mass of 5 petalled. We wonder if robin hood had a chance to pause long enough to sniff this plant whilst being pursued by the sheriff as it was first found on the walls of that well known castle.

Nottingham Catchfly Seed Packet 0.1G (Silene Nutans)(Approx 250 Seeds) | Uk Delivery | Naturescape
Nottingham Catchfly Seed Packet 0.1G (Silene Nutans)(Approx 250 Seeds) | Uk Delivery | Naturescape from

Shrub and small tree and habitats of river banks and other freshwater margins seed 1 and scented flower,. Attractive to butterflies and moths. A few weeks ago my daughter sent me a message to say that she was taking part in a project to grow the nottingham catchfly plant.

Nottingham Catchfly Silene Nutans ''Silene Nutans'' Is A Flowering Plant In The Genus ''Silene'', Most Commonly Known As Nottingham Catchfly.

It’s also the county flower of nottingham, even though it is now mostly absent from the city in which it was originally spotted. Dry place in the sun height: Nutans on the walls of nottingham castle, and the species was chosen to represent the unitary authority of nottingham as its county flower.

But After Being Able To Secure More Seeds From A Local Source At Naturescape Wildflower Farm In Langar, 900 Packs Each With Around 10 Seeds, Were Sent Out To Homes And.

Way way way back in june last year i wrote about taking part in the project to restore the nottingham catchfly to the place it was first recorded, nottingham castle. Grown for their mass of 5 petalled. And the three styles on the third night.

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Lovely, Drooping White, Dainty, Night Scented Flowers.

The catchfly seed packs ready to be sent out. Propagate from seeds in spring or early autumn or from cuttings in spring. It might have made for a pleasant diversion as a drift of it is said to be quite magical at dusk as the flowers release their heavy, insects beware.

This Means That The Flowers Tend To Stay Closed In The Daytime And Open In The Evening Or At Night.

Silene nutans is a vespertine plant like many of the catchflies. Nottingham catchfly seed packet 0.1g (silene nutans) (approx 250 seeds) silene nutans p. As with the nature of most things in the last eighteen months or so, the planting out date at the castle could not happen when first.

Everything You Need To Know About Nottingham Catchfly (Silene Nutans), Including Propagation, Ideal Conditions And Common Pests And Problems.

Volunteers across nottingham­shire are participat­ing in a project to restore a native wildflower to a site where it has not been seen for. It has been introduced to north america, where it is known as the eurasian catchfly. The common name nottingham catchfly commemorates the former occurrence of s.

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