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Catchflies Plant. Containing approximately 700 species, it is the largest genus in the family. Any of several plants of the genera silene and lychnis, native chiefly to the northern hemisphere and having white, pink, red, or purplish flowers and.

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The plants grew considerably more resistant and stronger. Armeria, commonly known as catchfly, grows as a perennial in temperate climates and an annual in colder regions. A few years ago, when i picked up a plant labeled silene ‘rolly’s favorite’ (pp 17,392) in a big box store, i assumed it would give a nice show the first season but then soon disappear from the garden like all of the other catchflies i have grown.

Armeria, Commonly Known As Catchfly, Grows As A Perennial In Temperate Climates And An Annual In Colder Regions.

Catchfly is a sea coast native that thrives. Abundant, coarse hairs on upper and lower surfaces leaf structure: Perennial plant that secretes sticky substance to catch insects;

Members Of The Lychnis Plant Genus Can Be Either Half Hardy Annuals Or Hardy Perennials.

Catchflies) any of several unrelated plants that have sticky leaves on which flies. A xhosa diviner identifies and collects the plant from the wild. This plant is similar to fire pink (silene virginica) except royal catchfly is taller and blooms later in the season.

Allow 15 To 25 Days For The Seedlings To Sprout Up Before Transferring Them Into Your Garden Beds Or The Larger Containers That Will Be Their Homes.

The plants grew considerably more resistant and stronger. Illustrations by ©plantlife arable plant crib / pinks, campions and catchflies. Erect from basal rosette propagation:

Silene Is A Genus Of Flowering Plants In The Family Caryophyllaceae.

Lychnis plants display a large range of flowers, from soft pinks to burning. It often appears in clumps, and can look spectacular in the summer. It can be found at two sites in wales and about a dozen in scotland, mainly in the cairngorms and ochil hills.

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Their Common Name Comes From The Fact That Some Species, Such As The German Catchfly, Have Sticky Flower Droughts That Literally Catch Flies!

How to grow lychnis plants guide to growing campion and catchfly. Recipient of the prestigious award of garden merit of the royal horticultural society, this plant is an excellent choice for cottage gardens, coastal gardens , wild gardens, meadows and the perennial border where it provides bold splashes of color. Plants reach from 30 cm to 1.2 m (12 to 50 inches) in height.

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