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Buy Rose Campion Plant. The plants prefer full sun but tolerate partial shade, where they produce fewer blossoms. Each bloom lasts just a day.

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Grown as much for its decorative. Rose campion prefers poor, dry soil over rich soil, and. Pink (caryophyllaceae) hardy to zones 3 to 9.

The Plants Prefer Full Sun But Tolerate Partial Shade, Where They Produce Fewer Blossoms.

Sturdy herbaceous perennial native to europe, north africa, asia minor, armenia and siberia. Different plants have different water needs. It can grow up to 2 feet in height, but it is a slow grower.

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However, If The Soil Becomes Too Dry, Additional Watering Should Be Done To Save The Plant From Dying.

Growing rose campions is a snap if you choose the right location. If the soil is too wet for too long, the plants will succumb to root rot. This drought tolerant plant and thrives in hot, dry beds with little moisture.

After The Flowers Fade, The Stalks Should Be Cut Back To The Ground.

The flowers of lychnis open one at a time on branched silver stems, but they do so over a long blooming period in summer. Skip to main content skip to search skip to footer. Buy lychnis coronaria (rose campion) for only £ 3.99 excluding shipping costs (orders over gbp99,99 will be deliverd without shipping costs) throughout the whole united kingdom!

Pink (Caryophyllaceae) Hardy To Zones 3 To 9.

Soft, furry, silvery foliage and a mass of silvery upright branchy stems are a perfect foil for. Rose campion prefers poor, dry soil over rich soil, and. Rose campion is frost hardy, quick to selfseed and has a long flowering period.

This Variety Has White Flowers.

When propagating rose campion, look for its ovary. Some plants prefer staying on the dry side, others, like to be consistently moist. A beloved old plant once called mullein pink and lamp flower, as the felted leaves once were used in the making of wicks.

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