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There are a number of animals commonly found in the urban setting that can become pests. Squirrels, can tear up turf and flowerbeds, destroy bird feeders and consume pet food.

During the winter, these animals will take advantage of spaces in homes and storage buildings that can provide them with shelter and warmth. Common damage caused by animals in attics and crawlspaces include torn insulation, chewed electric wires and odors from their excrement.


Squirrels  can enter a structure by traveling along electrical lines, cable TV wires, or by jumping from nearby tree limbs and entering holes in siding, unscreened vents or chimneys. Once inside, they often damage insulation, wiring or household contents.

Squirrels can also cause extensive damage in the vegetable garden or flowerbeds by eating vegetables flower bulbs and freshly planted seeds, and may strip the bark off of ornamental trees and shrubs. They are often a nuisance around bird feeders, frightening desirable birds and scattering seeds. Raccoons are attracted to easy food sources, like garden produce, garbage, and pet food.

In addition to causing all of the previously listed problems that squirrels cause, raccoons have also been known to wreak havoc in the water garden in their attempt to catch the fish in a pond.

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