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Raccoons are small brownish mammals, with a bushy, banded tail and their trademark black mask. Their front paws are shaped like little hands which allows them to pull, pry, twist, and turn their way into all sorts of trouble. They leave no stone or garbage can unturned in their quest for food. 

Bad Points
Raccoons overturn and rummage through garbage searching for food, tear holes in roofs and siding, terrorize birds, and carry rabies. So they're not exactly Mr. Popular in the neighborhood.

Favorite Foods

Corn, corn, and more corn, although they eat almost everything - fish, turtles, shellfish, bird eggs, insects, young mammals, fruit, nuts, grain, anything growing in your garden, and any food associated with man - pet food, barbeque, pizza, etc.

Raccoons always seem to know exactly when corn is ripe, and unfortunately, you pay the price. They'll knock over whole rows in search of the perfect kernel. Melon damage starts out as a tiny hole, and ends up with big handfuls scooped out. Look for the telltale paw prints. They'll also dig holes in your lawn, and have even been known to roll back sod looking for tasty grubs.


Eliminate their food sources. In the lawn, eliminate lawn grubs by applying Milky Spore at the recommended rates. To keep them away from or out of other areas, apply Slug Stop or Total Pest Control as directed to help get rid of other insect food sources.

Protecting your garden means keeping the whole yard raccoon free. Secure all garbage can lids, leave pet food inside, and keep your compost pile turned so that it cooks properly.