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Rabbits love to eat, and they love to breed. They are most active in early morning and late afternoon. They generally stick to a small territory, and rarely venture very far (more than a few acres) from home.

Bad Points
If you've got a rabbit problem, you've got a rabbit problem. It only seems to get worse because they reproduce so rapidly.

Favorite Foods
Almost any tender garden morsel will do, although they like carrots, peas, beans, beets lettuce, strawberries, many flowers, and even young tulips. Also, wild grass, clover and tree bark. They don't like corn, tomatoes, peppers and squash.

Rabbits nip foliage off cleanly, leaving short, stubby stems standing where tall, healthy foliage once stood proudly. Rabbits chew on the bark of trees at the base of the trunk, similar to mice. The trunk is often scarred with teeth marks, and as a result, it becomes more susceptible to insect and disease damage.

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Apply a commercial repellent like Liquid Fence, Shake Away, or Rabbit Scat for effective control. Spray the area to be protected thoroughly with Plant Shampoo first.

Mowing, cutting brush, and general cleanup of overgrown areas will go a long way toward eliminating rabbits.