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These little critters tunnel up to 200 feet per day and eat constantly. Moles will starve in a few hours if not fed, so they are constantly on the look-out for food.  Check out some of my super solutions to moles HERE

Good Points
Their presence indicates good, fertile soil. Their burrowing aerates the soil, and carries surface soil and water down to the subsoil. With their voracious appetite, they can consume up to 200 sawfly cocoons
each day.

  Bad Points
Moles can literally destroy a lawn or garden overnight with their digging. They particularly like seeded areas, recently excavated areas or those areas next to rocks, borders, and beds.



Favorite Foods

Lots of insects, particularly grubs, and worms. They can consume their body weight in food each day.


Their raised ridges, three to five inches wide, crisscross the lawn and garden in a zig-zag manner. Huge mounds of soil with no entrance holes magically appear out of nowhere. Mole tunneling destroys grass/plant roots because anything in the ridge areas is uprooted and therefore, dries out quickly. Also, mice and voles use the runs to dine on your delectable plants.