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Open 7 days a week 8:00am till Dark
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Tel 661-945-8887
Natural Insecticides of Vegetable Origin 1.Rotenone 2.Pyrethrum 3.Nicotine
Trees that we stock and grow to acclimate to the area
*Main Page Trees we Stock Page* 

Trees that are available at the treefarm giving them acclimation time to the area and pictures when available
Fire Rated Landscape Trees that are rated by the LA county Lake Hughs Nurdery   *Rated by LA county Fire*

Native trees that have a fire rating and are listed at The LA County Lake Hughs Nursery
Informatiom Pages on insects, critters, diesases and insecticides, plus planting instructions  *Information on plant subjects*

This is an information page chuck full of Bugs, good and Bad, critters and helpfull hints, planting instructions, and insecticides
Shade Trees in the USA, May not be available in California *Shade Trees grown all over the US*

Many shade trees through out the USA, some may not be available in your area. This will give you an idea about trees you may want
Tree Benefits  *Printable tree benefits page*

This page lists the "Green" benifits of planting trees
Natural Insecticides that come from plants *Insecticides form Plants*

  Acclimated Local Grown Plants For The Area

Pines-Fruit trees-Sycamore- Maple

Italian Cypress-Poplar-Birch-Redwood

Call us and let us know you are coming.
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Map and directions

We are west of Hwy 14. Take Hwy 138 off ramp and go west to 190th st. , at 190th st. go north 1 1/2 miles to Ave. B-8, turn left and follow the road in to the Farm.

                  Farm is Located at 19721 West Ave B-8
                               Lancaster, Calif 93536

At Present we can only do Cash and Carry , in the future
we will have available other forms of payment

We do not ship out of California
Due to the high cost of fuel, delivery is at our option.
We service the Los Angeles, Kern and Ventura Counties of Calif..

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